I am excited about CRED by @kunalb11 — here’s why

Source: Benchmarking India’s Payment Systems, June 2019.
No. of returns filed by individuals and their salaries.
  1. Smartphones eliminate the need for physical PoS making digital payments easier.
  2. Adoption of smartphones is allowing for financial inclusion.
  1. First and foremost, he needs to onboard a tactician growth manager like Deepak Abbot. No one knows the payment industry in India like him and he can provide the fuel that can propel this rocket-ship into stratosphere.
  2. Make the benefit’s explicit in the app. The version 1.0 was focused on that but the version 2.0 is hiding the benefits to display personalised information. Useful but not necessary when you onboard new users.
  3. Start a YouTube channel focused on smartphones & innovations. Additionally, build* media relations with consumer technology media in India.

What to watch for next in FinTech? The remittance industry.

  • This author has a background in media & influencer relations and would be invaluable for this exercise.

Kunal Shah and his colleagues have taken startup guru — Peter Thiel’s advice to heart. The core tenets of a (to be) successful startup as per Thiel are:




Communicator by design, data oriented by choice.

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Aditya Kshirsagar

Aditya Kshirsagar

Communicator by design, data oriented by choice.

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