Indian Express reports that a forest fire broke out at Bandhavgarh National Park on 29th March 2021. This reporter spoke to several people who claimed the Mahua harvesting to be at the root of the problem. But, forest & district officials refrained from laying blame but did confirm that human activity was the cause. Spread across 106 square kilometers, Bandhavgarh national park has the densest tiger population at 8 tigers per sq. km. As per local sources, the extent of the damage is between 15–25 sq. kms. Indian Express reports affected areas as six ranges, including Panpatha, Khitoli, Tala and…

Mobikwik is a payments company that by their own admission has 100 million users and 350 employees. How do I know? They told me in a press note that was supposed to address a data leak. About 100 million or 10 crore users found their data unwittingly on the dark web. As per reports, the data was up for sale for a paltry sum of 1.5 BTC which is about Rs. 65,06,927.51. That puts per user cost at Rs. 0.065 🤣#Aukaad

Any who, the PR mavericks advising Mobikwik have done an absolute shit job of addressing the crisis by blaming…

Shot by Devdutt Kshirsagar somewhere in Australia

As a Brahmin, all you need to do is ask the question, the answer will always be there. Convoluted, twisted, jargon-filled, but you have an answer at least. Hindu’s have the concept of moksha (liberty) after death.

There are many ways to realise this liberty, some of them being:

  1. Follow all the rules in the scriptures (fasting, festivals, the whole 22-yarns) — no, I am not a fan of rules.
  2. Accept a guru and follow their path. No. I could not read the Bhagavad Gita because of this. Krishna says to Arjun in time of great conflict — you will…

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What you are about to read is a spoiler-free piece on Netflix’s original show — Dark. I finished 2 seasons in 36 hours, at the end of it, I was breathing heavily with excitement. I hope the show ends in season 3 or the script’s complexity will lead to a narrative collapse. I speak from experience, I invested 80+ hours with HBO’s Heroes and boy did they disappoint. If they don’t end the show in season 3, I will end my relationship with the show. …

A few months back, I had written about why I am optimistic about CRED. Today, Anmol Maini published a superb piece on CRED, asking a poignant question: unicorn or popcorn? We both agree on one thing, at the crux, Kunal’s CRED solves one problem for users: the ability to pay credit card bills seamlessly. As long as this feature exists with email and WhatsApp notification and there is no competition, CRED has a user in me.

CRED messaged me a few hours back that I am now eligible for Stash benefits. In a nutshell, CRED is getting into personal…

He was to be the future SRK. We will miss you brother ❤

TLDR: When we see Kangana Ranaut act crazy, we judge and laugh at her expense. Like Sushant, she too is an ‘outsider’ in an abusive industry where pedigree matters over talent. Sushant had issues, but Bollywood wasn’t a support system that it claims to be.

14th June 2020 was a tragic day. The morning began with the news of Samir Bangara leaving us. The death shocked us; I was conversing with a peer discussing Samir when the story of Sushant rolled in. As I type this, I am getting flashes of his mortal remains that were forwarded on WhatsApp. Work…

boAt has done phenomenally well with their portfolio and smart endorsement choices

As per International Data Corporation (IDC) released its Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker India’s wearable market grew at 80.6% YoY in 1Q20 shipping 4.2 million units. Notable players are Apple, Xiaomi, Huami’s Amazfit, boAt, and GOQii.

Beep Boop Buup go the TWS

The unique part of the report is the fact that people are buying True Wireless (TWS). TWS as a category that has seen growth thanks to the introduction & aspirational value of Apple’s AirPods. Because quite honestly, TWS by any brand but Apple & Samsung are incomplete devices and best avoided. If you think that I am wrong, please let me know of better…

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

— Bill Gates

Did Bill Gates say it? I am not sure, and I do not care. It does not change what I want to say. TLDR version: work smarter, not harder. However, you still need to work your body and mind; there is no escaping that.

This piece is going to be anti-climatic because it preaches one to be consistently lazy.

What are the qualities that you need to be consistently lazy?

  1. Confidence: That is the key. It would be best if you were confident about your capability and the people around you. …

“If I die before you, then I will come back to haunt you,” proclaimed an ex-lover. When we were together, we had dreams, individually we were left with unfulfilled desires. The end felt like being cheated out of what was supposed to be ours forever. If the ghost of the living can be real, what happens when they are otherworldly? Amid this chaos & fear, one has valid questions, namely, the ones below:

What remained incomplete?

Why would they return to the place of tragedy?

When did they decide that this is how they wish to spend eternity?

Where did…

Alternate headline: Why Sudhir is being called out

The world is forgetful. As a civilisation, we continue to believe & propagate that history repeats itself. The reality, however, is that time and history are linear, while human stupidity follows a cyclical pattern.

Aditya Kshirsagar

Communicator by design, data oriented by choice.

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